Deadpool and Jesus

The Merc with a Mouth… Meet Deadpool. Deadpool knows that he is in a comic book (or movie). Deadpool knows that someone else is writing his story. Someone else is calling the shots. Deadpool has no fear of otherCustomize characters. Nobody can touch him unless the writers allow it. Deadpool recognizes a reality beyond his … Read moreDeadpool and Jesus

Genesis 1 “Ultimate Origins”

Sometimes I wish I could create comic-book style art. The epic origin story of humanity lends itself to colorful action-packed graphics filled with speech bubbles that say “Wham!” and “Pow!” and “$#!@” (which is comic-ese for “Oh Snap!”). Alas, I can only use words, which in an age of information…well, let’s be honest…there are just … Read moreGenesis 1 “Ultimate Origins”

Genesis 1- Part 2 “Light it Up”

“It is one thing to go to your commanding officer first thing in the morning and have a string of commands barked at you.  But what would you do if, instead, he began ‘Once upon a time . . .’?” Bishop N.T. Wright “In the beginning” is God’s own way of saying, “Once upon a … Read moreGenesis 1- Part 2 “Light it Up”

Genesis 2-3 “Rest for the Heroes”

God makes humanity in his image, “male and female”. Individually, they are each whole and complete and beautiful and amazing. Together, they are even more so. These are the heroes of our story. God also gives a funny command: Be fruitful (like a tree) and multiply (like rabbits). I imagine Adam saying, “Yes, Lord” followed … Read moreGenesis 2-3 “Rest for the Heroes”