About the Blogger

Like you, John is a multi-faceted, complex, flesh-bag of mostly water. He enjoys video games, movies, and geeky things. He loves all things Star Wars. He is one among a rare breed of adults that still plays with Legos. He has a B.A. in Theatre and a M.A in Biblical Theology.

He lives in southern Oregon with his beautiful wife, Heidi, and three children: Josiah, Daisy, and Jonah.

He thinks that his “about the blogger” page sounds more professional if he writes in the third person. Maybe you will think that he hired a team of professionals to write it. But he is going to give up this charade to tell you something personal:

I love Jesus more than anyone or anything else in the universe, so I spend a lot of time immersing myself in the Bible, because it talks about Jesus and because it’s simultaneously fascinating, funny, and true. In my blog, I especially latch on to the “funny” side of scripture, but hopefully not at the expense of it’s truth.

I hope you enjoy it. I hope it draws you closer to him. And I hope it makes you LOL.