Deadpool and Jesus

Deadpool and Jesus

The Merc with a Mouth…

Meet Deadpool.

Deadpool knows that he is in a comic book (or movie).

Deadpool knows that someone else is writing his story. Someone else is calling the shots.

Deadpool has no fear of otherCustomize characters. Nobody can touch him unless the writers allow it.

Deadpool recognizes a reality beyond his own.

Deadpool has no desire to tell others that someone else is writing their stories.

When Deadpool is killed, he comes back to life for another issue.

Deadpool (like every character in the universe) is made in the image of his creators- complex and unpredictable- smart, but violent- wrestling with existential concepts, and nihilistic philosophies- exhibiting at one time or another a wide range of capacities for extreme evil or moral compassion, depending on his arbitrary fancy. He is loved by the people of the real world because they identify with him. We long to transcend our own reality the way Deadpool transcends his.

The Mouthpiece of God…

Meet God’s prophet. He is kind of like Deadpool.

God’s prophet knows that he is in a temporary reality created by someone else.

God’s prophet knows that someone else is writing his story. Someone else is calling the shots.

God’s prophet has no fear of other people. Nobody can touch him unless God allows it.

God’s prophet recognizes a reality beyond his own.

Unlike Deadpool, God’s prophet is compelled to tell others that this world is not our home. They are hated by the world and mocked, imprisoned, and killed for their message.

When God’s prophet is killed, they are promised a resurrection to eternal life in the new universe.

God’s prophet (like every person in the world) is made in the image of his/her creator. And yet, a lack of full awareness and fellowship with God causes every human being (prophet or not) to fail in living up to God’s perfect character. So in spite of being designed to live a fully loving, compassionate, humble, righteous life, God’s prophet occasionally lapses into sin. Except for one…

The Living Word of God…

Meet Jesus. He is better than Deadpool.

Jesus knows firsthand that this life is but a shadow. Unlike any other prophet, he actually lived in the reality beyond this universe prior to entering human history. In fact, he IS the writer!

Jesus knows that someone else has written his script. He does not speak except what the Father commands him to speak. He does no miracle that the Father has not ordained. And he’s totally cool with that.

Jesus has no fear of other people. He already knows how his story will end because he helped to write it.

Jesus is constantly talking about reality beyond the earth.

Jesus is compelled to tell everyone about this reality- calling it “the Kingdom of God”

When Jesus is killed, He comes back to life in this universe, proving to all that there is a reality beyond what we see.

Jesus is the only one made in the perfect image and exact representation of his creator. He is so connected to the Father that he lives out the Father’s moral will perfectly. He is never distracted by the things of this world. He is hated by the people of this world, because they cannot identify with such perfection, nor do they want to. They love the darkness more than the light. They embrace their fantasies (like Deadpool) and reject reality.

Deadpool is famous for breaking the “fourth wall” and is loved for it. Jesus breaks the fourth┬ádimension and turns reality on its head, and is hated for it. So it is with humanity; we would rather live in a lesser reality than a greater one. We would rather retreat into what we know than venture into the glorious unknown. I get comic books. They makes sense to me. But a reality beyond this one? Greater than this one? I don’t get that.

And yet, all of the evidence points to it being real. I’m living for it. I’m striving to enter it. I might not understand that reality fully. I only see it dimly. But I know of a guy that came from it and returned to it. Jesus of Nazareth. I will follow him. He’s better than Deadpool, because he’s real. He’s better because he loves you and he’s on your side. He’s also better because he has a flaming sword. He’s like Deadpool, but in real life.



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