Genesis 1 “Ultimate Origins”

Genesis 1 “Ultimate Origins”

Sometimes I wish I could create comic-book style art. The epic origin story of humanity lends itself to colorful action-packed graphics filled with speech bubbles that say “Wham!” and “Pow!” and “$#!@” (which is comic-ese for “Oh Snap!”). Alas, I can only use words, which in an age of information…well, let’s be honest…there are just too many!

However, I have been compelled to share my thoughts, in hopes that a few people might rediscover the action packed true epic story of humanity. And also to remind myself of how much I LOVE this story.

Disclaimer: I am approaching the Bible as a STORY. In other words, I’m not pontificating and postulating about every little exegetical detail. The point of this blog is to bring wonder and life and awe and laughter to everyone that loves Jesus. If you read the Scriptures and you don’t smile and laugh and marvel frequently…you’re doing it wrong.

Allow me to make my case with the beginning, which Julie Andrews tells me, “is a very good place to start”.

Epic Story Issue #1

In the beginning, God created stuff. Not just any stuff. ALL stuff. The whole universe. Everything you can see (like pandas) and everything you cannot see (like panda farts). If it is in this universe, then God made it. God said, “BANG!” with comic book flair and everything came into existence at once. And it was big. As Donald Trump would say, it was “YUGE!”

The earth (not the planet, but the “land”), was empty and without inhabitants. It wasn’t “formless” like an amoeba or “void” like a bad check. It was simply desolate. The land resembled the barren wastelands of central Australia (imagine Mordor without the orcs or giant flaming eye). It was lifeless and boring.

This is not a compelling beginning for a grand and beautiful epic story, but fortunately, the setting is transformed. Or as Sci-fi geeks might put it, “terraformed”.  God is going to carefully craft a place for the main characters in his story, like a universe-sized game of Minecraft.

Something curious is going on. The Spirit of God (whoever that is) was hovering over the waters. I’m still waiting on my hoverboard, but the Holy Spirit has been hovering since the beginning of time.

At this point in the story, everything has been created except for life. There is, as of yet, no life.

Then, in true terra-forming style, God starts messing with this desolate lifeless place. What does all life require? Light, water, and food. These are the three things that we share in common with lions, bugs, and crabgrass. So in this story, it makes sense that the first thing that happens is the appearance of light.

As much as I want to talk about light and water and food and other stuff… I’ve committed to keeping these posts relatively short, so that will have to wait until my next post. In the meantime, consider this: God is introducing a story here, which may be likened to a masterpiece painting. First, God gets the pallet together. This is the stuff that defines all of reality as we know it. We shouldn’t breeze past it just to get to the painting or we’ll miss the brilliance of the painter’s method. We’ll miss all the happy little clouds. (Click the link. You’re welcome.)

P.S. I should note that I have never seen, heard, or smelled a panda fart, yet I believe they exist. If they could be painted, I’m sure they would be happy little panda farts.

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